Places for the Soul

An intimate documentary film portrait by Ruth Landy
New digital restoration

Places for the Soul, Ruth Landy

Winston Churchill, 1943 speech on rebuilding London’s war-damaged parliament

Christopher Alexander is a visionary thinker and architect on a life-long quest to build restorative, life-enhancing places in today’s world. A passionate critic of modern architecture, Alexander’s maverick approach to reforming his profession has inspired reverence and controversy.

PLACES FOR THE SOUL is now available for the first time in a restored digital version available from the Video Project and streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer here:

The film chronicles a decisive chapter in Alexander’s career as he applies his unconventional approach to two major commissions:

– A Japanese high school principal engages him to help teachers and students design a spectacular new high school near Tokyo.
– In San Jose, California his partnership with a nonprofit to create a healing residence for the homeless is tested in surprising ways.

Dramatic visuals and Alexander’s provocative commentary illuminate his vision of “rebuilding the earth”. PLACES FOR THE SOUL restores the emotional dimension to the conversation about architecture. It is essential viewing for anyone interested in the built environment, how it shapes our lives, and the quest to create restorative, human-centered environments.